Syrena Li

X   I   N   Y   U   E    L   I

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清淡的釉色,配以传统的碗形, 是品茶的好容器。
Looking through the natural and light-colored glaze, you will found this hand-made bowls best containers for tea. Cooperated with traditional Chinese style, these bowls present beautiful craftmanship.
As what is carved at the bottom, the work shows "true heart" of artists.
锈色 Rust
将烧纸和制作中意外损坏的盘子,沾染一半的金属釉色, 形成了一种仿若“缺月”的意境。
This series shows the basic concept of imperfection. During the crafting process, some broken planes are recreated into an independent art pieces by glazing half of them with some sepcial metal-like glaze. 
The shape of these planes follows the form of moon, which is constantly changing. Through remaking and designning broken planes, designers intend to create perfection from imperfection.
雪里红  Blood in Snow
奇妙的釉色经过窑炉千度的灼烧, 产生了“落雪”的美丽效果,伴着丝丝红色。
宛若雪地里凄美的血珠, 讲述一个不为人知的悲剧。
Unique glaze is used to create a special pattern which assembles the falling snow, as if they are telling a miserable story. 
竹色  Bamboo
The color of this cup is changing from grey to green after heating by the extremely hot kiln.  The cup is given a brand new color like bamboo in April. As what is called "nirvana" in Buddhism, this cup is reborn throught the fire.
流星雨 Starry NIght
Surprising effect came out after this series was heated. Originally, same glaze was used all over the cups, however, the color and texture changes. The outsides change to rough black, but the inside is night blue and silver. The amazing result happens to resemble starry night, so romantic and dramatic.
 白玉 Jade
It was said the greatest jade is pure white and green  . This series use soft glaze to creat the texture of jade, since ceramic was valued as jade long ago. This work try to echo to the different texture, and is aimed to explore how they response to each other through pottery.


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